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"The Consumers Marketplace"

Welcome to "The Consumers Marketplace" a leading International import/export trading Co. We offer a variety of products and services ranging from small, bulk and freight shipments at wholesale cost. All of our products are manufactured by entities that sell to major corporations and small businesses. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service department with questions or concerns by email at 

The Consumers Markeplace

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What makes "The Consumers Marketplace" the most convenient way of shopping with us online is our "Worldwide free shipping program" for small and 85% of bulk orders. We look forward to your business in the future and please tell us about your shipping experience. 

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Join our Membership club today and receive products and services wholesale flat rate with free shipping domestic and international. Our monthly membership program is flexible and convenient and beneficial tailored to meet your marketplace needs. We offer two payment options with a monthly program subscription of $115.29 for small business entities annual discounted rate $1100.17 (Save 283.00). Our discounted membership program includes various marketplace arrangements with our products and services team ready to help navigate your inventory strategically with our global leading platform with research market professionals. For large corporations and business entities you can also join for a monthly subscription rate of 129.57 with our annuall discounted membership rate of $1350.08. (Save 204.00). Free shipping is included with your membership program providing you with all the necessary shipping information and tools needed to track inventory realtime. For more information in regards to "The Consumers Marketplace" membership program please email or reach out to us at 1 (800) 573-6587. Thanks for being a loyal member to "The Consumers Marketplace" membership program. 

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